12th August, 2013


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5th April, 2013


Bwah! I need this

hahaha so do i. 


Bwah! I need this

hahaha so do i. 

31st August, 2012


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cant i switch my PRIMARY blog to my MUCH better secondary blogs?

esp since this primary blog was 3 years ago for a school project and my ACTUAL blogs that i update all the time.. make more sense. 





visit those. 

25th January, 2010


posted 4 years ago

Ryan Moore’s reading

"And tomorrow is just another crazy scam"

After reading this particular piece, I could not say I enjoyed it very much/ understood it very it much to be perfectly honest. I feel like Moore introduces many different concepts like upward and downward mobility as well as the idea of post modernity. Post modernity, according to him affects youth culture as well as epitomizes it I think. Moore believes that there are certain characteristics and traits in the post modern era that youth exhibits.

Subcultures are also elements of youth that Moore talks about in his reading and how it is a  way that youths express themselves. He devotes a good chunk of the article talking about the punk subculture - a form of youthful experimentation.

I feel that Moore believes that downward mobility is not a positiv thing because it encompasses all the downsides of post modernity and he does not have a very optimistic view of the world. Overall, I think he could be a bit more positive and optimistic about the future generations.

25th November, 2009

sound diary 13

posted 4 years ago

I went to the airport this weekend because I had to fly to overseas. I did not realize that there was such an array of sounds in just that one place. I guess this is because I have never really paid attention before. There are just so many things going on at once, people checking in with a machine, people driving in, luggage being moved, children crying, security talking etc. In that space of 30 minutes before I even got to my gate, my soundscape was overwhelmed.

Then on the plane, I hear the sound that I dislike the most, the crazy bathroom ‘sucking’ noise that it makes when it is being flushed. There was also intense turbulence which made me extremely scared when I can see people start scrambling for their sea belts and the food/drinks carts rattling, it makes me SO nervous. I never used to be scared, but after this summer and all the missing planes… I have become so paranoid. Every time the engine makes a weird or rumbling sound, I start to freak out a little bit. Its interesting how certain sounds can trigger fears.. even mechanical noises.

19th November, 2009


posted 4 years ago

this weekend, i heard a very horrific sound. the sound of silence in the coliseum. why? because the trojan football team was SMASHED by the stanford football team. it sonically so different to hear silence in the crowds because i have never exited a football stadium with such depressed, silent crowds before.

i also went to a taping of the jay leno show yesterday. i heard many interesting sounds. it is very interesting how they set up the show and how the audience noise makes such a difference. they really want us to project and cheer as loud as possible and if we do display audio happiness to their liking, we get a free jay leno t-shirt. it made me wish i was on oprah or ellen instead, those shows are more likely to give out free cars (i think that happened once) and stuff to the whole seated audience.

the reading for this Thursday made me think about how the cd is tangible and thats why people like it. to be honest, as a consumer, with the advent of downloading and p2p, i definetely have stopped buying cds, but i will say i still purchase them if they really mean something to me or were a part of my childhood. i still remember the day i got my first cd. the spice girls cd. it was magical as i held up the shiny cover in my hands and my mother gave me money to pay for it… i felt so grown up at that point. and the cd was still a relatively new thing back then, so to me it was so fascinating how all this music can fit on this tiny disc. + bring back so many memories :) i still buy christina auguileras cds cos i think she is AMAZING. and i recently just bought a complilation of michael jackson songs … its good.

8th November, 2009


posted 4 years ago

no sounds particularly out of the ordinary this week. i heard my roommates alarm clock numerous times as she fogets to shut it off. her printer also makes a very weird sound.

i watched the rihanna interview on youtube, it was interesting to actually hear her voice. she has a pretty distinct accent that i have never noticed because it obviously does not display through her songs. she is also not very eloquent because she has trouble thinking about the right words she wants to use to express exactly how she is feeling. however, the one very memorable quote i took from her interview would be ‘eff love’.

i also saw the movie the BOX. horrific movie. dont ever watch it, the trailer looked amazing BECAUSE it was so scary sounding as they used the SAW theme. horribly dissapointed. cameron diaz puts on a weird accent for this movie as well.

1st November, 2009


posted 4 years ago

after watching michael jackson’s THIS IS IT. i felt it was appropriate to write a sound diary regarding the sounds and sights that i have experienced. this movie/ documentary type film that depicted what would have been is final concert was AMAZING. the songs that he has sung have really made an impact on the world, i mean, i am from halfway around the world and I heard thriller, billie jean all those songs when i was young as well. in hong kong, over this summer there would be random flash mobs of people doing the ‘beat it’ dance all over hong kong, if you search youtube, you will see it. it is so interesting how one man’s music can unite people.

michael wanted to use his music to evoke love and change. when watching it he purposely wrote certain songs that had messages in them, hoping that it would influence people to change and make the world a better place. songs like heal the world, black and white try to fight discrimination and everytime i hear them, i feel like we are one world. hearing all his songs and watching this 50 yr old icon sing and sound exactly like he does on CD’S 20-30 years ago was mind-boggling. he is truly a legend. watching this movie made me so sad all over again, how could the world loose such an iconic person. he is def. the king of pop.

26th October, 2009


posted 4 years ago

its becoming warmer and warmer again, honestly, something is wrong with the weather. or maybe i am just confused. there is one particular sound that increases a lot more in my environmental soundscape during these hotter summery like days and that is.. the sound of the ice cream truck.

i went to halloween horror nights this weekend. so another post about how sounds make ordinarily non creepy, non scary things SO scary. the park had an audio track that kept looping that played the sounds of people screaming, babies wailing, creepy music from saw and frankenstein, all of which illicit fear. universal employees were also dressed up in scary costumes and told to run up to unsuspecting individuals and small girls and scare them with their heavy breathing, or the chain saw sparks or just making loud noises. honestly, it worked. everytime there was a loud yell, scream, crash or bang, everyone woud jump up in intense fright. i wonder what is it about those particular sounds that make it so scary, is it just because it is louder than the norm?

and why is the saw theme music, or jaws theme music scary… isnt it just basically a melody? like what exactly about a piece of music makes it ‘scary’ or not .. hm.

18th October, 2009

sound diary 8

posted 5 years ago

so i went to watch paranormal activity this weekend. and i realised there is NEVER silence in this crazy scary movie. i feel the aspect that makes or breaks a very scary movie is the sound in the movie and thus, in this case, it was very prevalent as there was alot of silences in the movie, but that made it so creepy and scary because the audience is just sitting there wondering what is going to happen and having castastrophic thoughts.

sounds of footsteps and thumping were especially horrifying because this movie was about a demon that haunts a couple in the house and it just triggered intense feelings of fear everytime i heard the thump. oh! and when OTHER people decide to scream for no reason, that makes me very jittery too, because have no idea whats going on…..

silence is scary, because there is no sound, but.. yet there IS SOUND.


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